Saturday, 1 April 2017

Exciting new services coming soon as I move on from Darley Abbey to work in a network of studios throughout Derbyshire and the East Midlands. This choice of studio will allow me to offer my clients a huge range of different styles of studios, from contemporary and cutting edge, to family friendly areas with ground-floor and wheelchair access! As a photographer in Derby and Derbyshire these new locations will enable me to expand my reportoire of photography to meet all client needs! Watch this space!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Super studio

Our Darley Abbey, Derbyshire photography studio is great when it comes to creating different lighting effects quickly during family or portfolio shoots

We can have dramatic lighting against, black background, like this pet photograph:

A glamourous back light for hair, like this, which is great for portfolio photography:

A very artistic shadow effect on a textured wall, giving a really natural look, which is fabulous for relaxed family photography, as well as business profiles and commercial portraits with a difference:

And also the ever popular white background, against which we can arrange up to thirty people for either family group photography or team photographs:

And that's before we even think about coloured backgrounds, filters and mist machines
Yes, the Mill Photography Studio in Darley Abbey, Derby, Derbyshire is a special place, very versatile for photographers, which is one reason it's also proving very popular as a hire venue for other Derbyshire and Nottringham photographers looking to do photography shoots in Derby

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Designs on signs

Designs on signs

Like lots of people running a small business (in Darley Abbey, Derby) I find myself 'wearing lots of hats'! You have to be a caretaker, cleaner, accountant, production manager, quality control director and chief bottle washer... as well taking some photographs as a studio photographer!

And there is the marketing! And more marketing!

I started in photography well before personal computers were invented, and studied art at Derby College of Art. To do a poster (or any sort of design) you had to hand draw and paint the lettering, or use those sheets of rub-down lettering sheets such as Letraset!

Then, Apple invented working in 'windows' and I remember using one of the first graphics programmes, Letraset Colorstudio. Bring on the laser printer and chuck away your expensive rub-down letters!

In a similar way that photography has become accessible to everyone via digital, so has graphic design! Simple word processing programmes let everyone have a go

I use Adobe Photoshop and start with vector shapes, then pixellate them, so I can use special effects

Just now I've done some new pavement signs for outside the photography studio, and have tweaked our old very simple logo, to have more of a 'mill' feel to it... I hope it reminds everyone of a mill wheel but also has a feeling of sunshine or photography lights

Right that's done. Now where's the mop?

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Let there be light! And hats!


Studio Hat Workshop!

In the Northern Hemisphere, in the bleak mid-winter, as daylight hours diminish, and the sun crawls along the horizon, there are many festivals which date back to pagan times, which celebrate light

Like most photographers, I love working with light! 

Running the Mill Photo Studio in Darley Abbey, Derby gives me the pleasant opportunity to sometimes donate our wonderful studio space for local projects with our community...

I was delighted to be involved recently in facilitating the Derwent Pulse Workshops, which resulted in children from the nearby schools in Darley Abbey, Derby, making these fantastic illuminated hats in our photography studio with the guidance of professional costumologist tutors, for a night-time parade to celebrate the history of the mills, which is a grade-one listed World Heritage site

The photographs are, for the technically minded, unprocessed jpegs. My normal work flow uses RAW photography images but to be honest I haven't had time over Christmas to Photoshop the photographs! 

Hats off to the tutors!!!        

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Derwent Pulse

Derwent Pulse Community Event

As a photographer, I really like to get the photography studio in Darley Abbey involved in charity and community events, and the next project coming up soon is hosting a costume workshop at the photography studio for children and young people for the 'Derwent Pulse' event

Details of the event are at and

My involvement is, with the help of the local primary school, facilitating the workshop at the studio which will have professional costumologists directing the children to prepare illuminated hats and shirts for a parade in the darkness of night, as mysterious globe lights float down the River Derwent, right next to our studio in Derby!! 

I quickly designed the poster for local publicity, using Photoshop, and look forward to getting some super photographs on the night!!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Photography of Care in Derby

Macmillan Cancer Support team in action at the Derby Royal

Most of my work, since I established the Mill Photo Studio over eight years ago, has been studio based. It's always interesting, though, to get out and about as a press and public relations photographer in and around Derby and Derbyshire, meeting people in all walks of life. Recently I was pleased to be asked to do some press and public relations photography of the wonderful Macmillan Cancer Support Team based at the Derby Royal Hospital in Derby, and here are just two of a selection which are for their national brochures

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Strike a pose!

Cool party!

It was great having Caitlyn (13), from Derby, come to my photography studio for her birthday party photo shoot recently with a group of her lively friends!

Apart from me really enjoying providing the whole package for the girls party, from photography to food and drink, music and balloons, I also give each party goer an 'instant gloss print' which they choose from the shoot. They can take this away as a 'party bag'!

I print these straight away, but parents can come to the studio afterwards to see all the photographs, and order  'studio' prints

Partly what makes the Mill Photo Studio, here in Darley Abbey, Derby, different and special is that I lovingly craft the studio prints here on site, instead of using factory processing. This means that as a photographer, I quality control the process from taking the picture to the final print

I make the prints onto the world's finest paper, using the most permanent pigment process, which is called 'giclée'. This all means that when the parents proudly hang their studio prints on the wall, they know they're getting the best!

So it's fun being a photographer here in Derby, with fab moments to capture and lovely prints to make!!!